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Official Distributor Q8 Oils Portugal

Q8 Oils is part of Kuwait Petroluem Corporation (KPC), one of the largest oil companies in the world.

They use high quality base oils with which they manufacture and develop on their own plants a wide range of lubricants. The Q8Oils is present in over 80 countries worldwide.
The Garagem Avenida do Oeste, Lda., in the market since 1985, is currently official distributor for Portugal of Q8 Oils.
It also operates in other areas of the market, particularly in the sale of parts for cars and sale of fuels.
  • Official distributor Q8 Oils in Portugal
  • BP Mazoote Plus and Heating Diesel
  • Auto Parts Sales
  • Fuel in Bulk

Auto Parts Sales

We currently have two sales counters for Cars Parts.
Bulk sale of road and agricultural diesel.
We deliver.
Authorized dealers of BP Mazoote Plus.
We deliver Heating Diesel and BP Mazoote Plus.